Monday, June 06, 2011

The Talk

R' Yanky Horowitz is giving The Talk in Baltimore, KGH, Monsey, and Brooklyn over the coming weeks. See info below and here.


  1. yea. someone should ask horowitz if he will support the markey bill next time around, and if not, why doesn't he think that yeshivos should be responsible for their teachers that molest students and DESTROY THEIR LIVES.

    He will most likely tell you that it would be too much of a "tragedy" if a yeshiva were to close because they were sued for their part in DESTROYING THE LIFE OF A CHILD (that's what he told me). At that point, you should ask yourself if a yeshiva that cares more about their reputation and covering for molesting teachers than taking responsibility for the safety of their students, should be allowed to continue.

    Horowitz ha$ an agenda. And it$ not the $afety of children.

  2. I don't believe that's correct. I believe that he was opposed to schools being sued in situations where the administration changed since the acts occurred, which would result in schools being sued (and shut down) for actions committed by previous administrations from decades ago.

    I also am not sure how that is relevant to his giving talks to educate parents.

  3. Actually, I have an email discussion with him on the topic that I am happy to forward to you in which he make no distinction between past and current administrations.

    The relevance, of course, is to call into question his motives. An additional question one could ask (though I have it on good authority that there will not be a Q&A at this event) if he will be distancing himself from the Agudah's (who funds his Project YES) directive to not go directly to the police to report cases of molestation, but to go to a rav who is "qualified' (though the Agudah has yet to determine who is qualified and what the qualifications are) first, who will then decide if its ok to go to the police and report the molestion(which is, in fact, in violation of the law in most states). Chances are he will NOT distance himself from the Agudah's directive, though he claims to encourage parents to report to the police directly first. B"H for that I suppose.

    The point? While its great to educate parents on sexual abuse prevention an awareness, one should be very careful from whom they get this information and if this information is accurate.

    ~ Shira

  4. Please forward the conversation if you'd like.

    I agree that the Agudah's directive is inappropriate (see my previous post), but I don't understand why you are therefore making broad assumptions and questioning the intentions of someone who has done an excellent job of working in the proper way regarding these issues. He has long said that people should go first to the police, period.

    Why not judge the information for what it is rather than for broad shots at the person giving it based on assumptions?

  5. Shira's agenda needs scrutiny. Trashing this fine rabbi with an excellent track record leads in no way toward any valid goal.

    I've totally had it with self-righteous, sloganized, coarse trash talk in blogs. It's unbecoming.