Sunday, June 12, 2011

EZ Reads 6/12/11: Mazel Tov Edition

Since it's been a while...
  • Happy 38th Anniversary to my parents this past Friday!
  • Mazel tov to OD and SIL on the birth of a girl over Shavuos!
  • Mazel tov to G on the birth of a baby boy recently! (English name suggestion below...)
  • Mazel tov to Moshe and family on their move to (gasp) Cleveland!
  • Happy 24th (!) birthday to the Apple!
  • Mazel tov to Pobody's Nerfect on a baby girl recently!
  • ...and I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting, sorry!
  • Elsewhere, some good stuff - Blobby with a really nice story about Jews. That's how I was brought up, where that's how we were viewed. Awesome.
  • Avi Shafran proudly "informs" on other Jews, for a good cause. 
  • Love is the Motive talks of a nice new app (waiting for it on Android) called PowerSefer, bringing a slew of seforim etc. to your iPhone or PC.
  • And really - did you think I'd forget? GO MAVS!! (Suggestion for G: Dirk. I don't care what name he's got, this is a potential add, right?)


  1. You are obsessed with the name Dirk lately.

  2. Wow, you call me blobby now too? Who've you been hanging around? ;)

  3. Mazal Tov to everybody on everything!

  4. Shalom Tzvi (who by the way will grow up with TWO parents, as apposed to Shalom Dirk who would have grown up w/o a father:)