Monday, March 29, 2010


The Rabbi of my shul spoke this past Shabbos about the Haggadah - specifically, about Baruch Hamakom. He said a number of things, one of which was in connection to the four sons. The four sons are written, "echad chacham," "echad rasha," "echad tam," and "echad she'aino yodeah lish'ol." Why was each written with "echad" before his name? The Rabbi said that this showed their individuality - each of the sons had a unique place, a special makom, in his father's heart. And that's how it should be with parents and their children. That's how it should be with family, with close friends. With anyone close to you. It's nice when you can feel that someone has carved out a specific place in their heart for you and only you. That is your place. And although other people also have unique places in someone's heart, theirs does not take away from yours (just like yours does not take away from theirs). It is not a matter of being more or less loved, but of everyone being loved uniquely and individually.

Such attention is rare, but I do believe certain people I know possess the unique ability to make others feel as though they have a special makom with them. Some in their hearts. Some in their home. Some both. It's incredible the way a person can walk into someone else's home and feel as though a part of that place is their home, too, in some way. Or feel like they have a special relationship, even while knowing that many others have special relationships, too.

That is one of the ways one can understand makom, according to the Rabbi of my shul. I only hope that I too learn the ability to make others feel uniquely loved, appreciated, wanted, provide such mekomot for my family and friends within my own heart, the way I know others have provided for me.


  1. It looks like you are off to a very good start!

    Chag Kasher V'sameach to you and yours.