Monday, March 08, 2010

Jewish Jamaica?

(Dedicated to SaraK) Interesting article in the WSJ about Jamaica's new tourism drive:
KINGSTON, Jamaica—This island nation boasts miles of pristine beaches, reggae music and the Western hemisphere's largest butterfly.
Now, it's promoting a new asset to tourists: its Jews.
From the tourism minister on down, Jamaican officialdom has embraced a plan to market the nation's Jewish history as a way of wooing a new segment of travelers.
No matter that Jamaica has just one synagogue and no rabbi, or that its Jewish community is down to around 200 people. It was once home to a Jewish pirate named Moses, according to one account.
Read the whole thing.


  1. Are they looking for a rabbi?

  2. when is the serandez blog readers trip to jamaica going to be scheduled?

  3. My aunt's from Jamaica.

    Her brother put together this website.

    But most Jews fled during the government of Michael Manley moving to Grand Cayman or to Florida.