Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chicago Mayor Daley Blames Fort Hood On America’s Love Of Guns!

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With no pogrom backlash after 9/11, no pogrom backlash after Bali, no pogrom backlash after Madrid, no pogrom backlash after London, no pogrom backlash after Mumbai, no backlash after countless other Jihad attacks, why would there be any reason to believe the reaction would be any different in this case? As we have written before, the West has already passed this particular civility test.

The Mayor is using a straw-man argument that conveniently provides him with an opportunity to politicize the terrorist attack as part and parcel with America’s love of guns.

Mayor Daley, and other politicians, like to blame gun violence on the guns themselves because that is so much easier than admitting any inconvenient truths which might be revealed if they were to place blame where it belongs.

Kids murdering each other in the inner city? That’s because of guns, not the War On Drugs which turns poor children into black market drug distributing gang members.

Islamists murdering people while shouting Allah Akbar? That’s because of guns, not the Jihad being perpetrated globally against all so called “infidels”.

They blame the guns because guns don’t vote.

lastly, is Mayor Daley seriously arguing for increased gun control on a military base? If there had been more guns around, this ticking Jihad bomb could have been put down a lot faster than he was.

And in case you couldn't guess, he is a democrat :)


  1. Also, 9/11 was caused by America's love of travel and civil aviation.

  2. That's right! They need gun control in the army! There are waaaay too many guns available there. And they give them out indiscriminately.

  3. Or the USS Cole bombing was caused by America's love for ships.

  4. Nah, the more general statement is that all these are caused by Americas's love for freedom!

    Shabbat Shalom all!


  5. I actually think the constitution needs to be amended. There is no reason why people in a civilized society need the right to bear arms. Guns cause problems. There is absolutely no reason why a regular citizen should own one.

    In this case - the guy was an army shrink. Not sure why he would need a gun either while he was still on American soil.

  6. Thats right Maidel. Apparently, somewhere along the line, we all become so civilized, human nature went out the window.

    Here are other things that cause problems:

    Swimming pools

    >In this case - the guy was an army shrink. Not sure why he would need a gun either while he was still on American soil.

    Um, its an Army base. Guns are obviously going to be accessible. Hey, but guess what, had others soldiers been armed, they could have fired back earlier. But you are right, cause there is not much sense in carring a gun while on american society.

  7. this guy is a loser and needs to go away and take his president with him.

  8. Guns don't cause problems.
    The gun in this case was perfectly innocent. It happened to have been carried by a nut job.