Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Best Quotes From Tuesday

With Ezzie too busy to blog, there hasn't been that much Elianna and Kayla stuff on here in a while.

I, however, have (too much) plenty of time to blog and I had the pleasure of hanging out with Elianna and Kayla yesterday. It's amazing how they've both gotten so big so quickly. The first time I met Elianna, she was only a little bit older than Kayla is now. Now she's old enough to grab my hand and insist I go skipping with her on the sidewalk, or make me a birthday crown and put it on my head (no, it's not actually my birthday, but that's okay!), or talk about the Parsha. And Kayla - well, she went from being teeny tiny to walking and talking, though it doesn't feel like so long ago that she wasn't even born yet! (Well, it wasn't that long ago...and yet it kind of was a long time ago, too.)

Anyway, now that Kayla says words, she is actually quite funny!


[Picking up Kayla from the babysitter]
Kayla: [crying, crying, crying]
Dog outside: Bark!
Kayla: [picks up her head, alert] DOG!

[Walking with Serach, Elianna, and Kayla and passing by an auto shop]
Elianna: What happened to that car?
Serach: It's getting fixed.
Elianna: Fixed?
Erachet: Yeah. It was broken so it got brought here and when it's fixed it will get brought back.
Elianna: [Thinks for a minute] ...This is the shop?!
Erachet: Yep!
Elianna: My daddy takes the car to the shop!

[After picking up Elianna from school]
Elianna: Let's go to the park!
Serach: No, not today. It's going to rain.
Elianna: But I want to go to the park!!!!!
Serach: No...but we can go home and play a game.
Elianna: [pouts for a minute, then breaks into a huge grin] Let's go shopping!!!

[Kayla goes to stand in front of a floor lamp in the living room and studies it, as though wondering what to do with it]
Erachet: Kayla...are you making trouble...?
Kayla: [Huge grin] Yah!

Kayla: [crawling on the floor] Ruff ruff!

Kayla: [while eating, she throws her sippy cup onto the floor]
Erachet: Kayla, that wasn't nice.
Kayla: [Grins and shakes her finger] No no no!

[I don't remember the context for this, I just remember it happened]
Serach: Not now.
Elianna: Not now.
Kayla: Nah now!

...And there are lots more I am probably forgetting.

They're the cutest kids! :)

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