Friday, March 11, 2011

EZ Reads 3/11/11

Some interesting and fun reads/views before Shabbos comes...
  • A huge kiddush Hashem by some YU students, who noticed while doing a magic show that there were unused labs in a public school - so they volunteered to conduct science labs for the kids.
  • The Yated (on Matzav, via reader YS) has an interesting op-ed entitled Life is Not a Popularity Contest, which discusses how we must start speaking out in the community against those who act improperly and dishonestly.
    Prominent shady characters are given carte blanche to enact their agendas and the dishonest are permitted to continue their detrimental behavior and actions. We beat gingerly around the bush, dancing around the edges, afraid to proclaim the truth.

    What are we afraid of? Why are we silent?
    Amen. I hope this is the start of a transition, and I'm curious what set it in motion. (Orthonomics is also pleasantly surprised.) Nice bonus: I may not face as much fallout as originally thought from the Honesty and the Jewish Community series after all.
  • Adventures in Chinuch starts from the beginnings and questions if the root of the problem in Jewish education is perhaps the parents.
  • Absolutely hilarious routine at Life in Israel on an Israeli in a NY restaurant.
  • Tamar Snyder interviews Dr. Alan Kadish about Touro, filling Dr. Lander's shoes, and where the school is headed. Interesting if unsurprising that Touro is focused on being an educational rather than a research school.
  • ZionTrain posts an oldie that is a take on how halachos seem to be born in today's times.
  • Jewish men can jump? An article on Jews dunking... I've seen many guys dunk, but only a couple who did so in a game (and on a fastbreak only).
Have a wonderful Shabbos!