Monday, March 14, 2011

EZ Reads 3/14/11

It seems that for the most part the best pieces of writing in the J-blogosphere revolve around the Fogel family.
  • Jameel attends the funeral. 25,000 attended (that would be like 2 million in the USA attending a funeral in terms of countrywide scope).
  • A Soldier's Mother gives a telling story of just how an incident such as this impacts everyone in the country down to the simplest parts of their day-to-day lives.
    [The 12-year old found] her little 2-year-old brother shaking is parent's bodies, trying to make them get up. I can only hope these details are not known to my daughter.

    "Bnei Akiva saved her," my daughter said, "because if she'd been home, she would have died too."

    Too much knowledge for an 11-year-old. "And they killed the baby. Only 3-months-old." Too much knowledge.

    "Just lock the door," said my 20-year-old said as he went back upstairs. Too much knowledge even for a 20-year-old.
  • Treppenwitz says it's all in how you say it, after hearing a co-worker's comments:'s apparently okay for a lefty to say that the Palestinians can't help but be provoked to murderous rampages by the mere presence of Jews in their vicinity.
  • Harry writes about an interesting Orthodox Rabbi who matches up gay men and women in marriage, with moderate success to date. 
  • Sussman's (hat tip: SaraK) writes a beautiful post "I Am Ruth Fogel".
  • Knowledge is a Power Tool (hat tip: Serach) says we need to start working.