Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why I Took A Bus Tonight

Why I Took A Bus Tonight Even Though My Destination Was A Five Minute Walk Away
by Yaacov Jacob

My family made Aliyah to Jerusalem a little over a month ago.
Living here during a bombing is definitely a scarier experience, then
being in the states and hearing about it. It really shakes you to
your core. I take the 74 almost everyday on my way to work. But
tonight I realized that I came to Jerusalem because I really wanted to
live here. I came because I'm willing to die here. I live here
because I, like everyone else in Israel are willing to fight for The
Land, for Torah and Judaism, for Hashem and his children.

Tonight I waited 15 minutes for a bus to come, not because I
didn't want to walk for five minutes, but because I needed to prove to
myself that I want to be here. I want to be here, and I don't intend
on leaving any time soon. As I got off the bus I went up to the
driver and said, "thank you for everything."
He looked at me with a sincere connecting stare and replied with
the exact same words, "thank you for everything."