Monday, March 21, 2011

As Purim Ebbs Away; How I met Serach, Part MMMMMDCCLXXV

As the Shushan Purim cacophony of music continues to echo throughout Jerusalem, as Purim ebbs away to the hectic craziness of pre-Pesach cleaning, I vaguely remember a blackberry messenger text from Special Ed during a tequila and single malt scotch induced fog yesterday, saying "Ur supposed to post in an hr."

What's an "hr" I tried to recall. 3 Tequilas, 3 shots of Glenmorangie Astar, 3 shots of Glenmorangie Nector D'Or and a beer...what was Ed trying to tell me? And who was Ur?

Ur Casdim? The forefather of Judaism, Avraham Aveinu's birthplace, which G-d commanded him to leave, and depart to the land which G-d will show brain struggled with the aliya message that Ed was somehow trying to send me.

Trying to focus, I remembered that Ezzie's blog banner has a wonderful photo of Jerusalem on the left hand side (which originally appeared on my blog), along with that wonderful quote from Serach, (which originally appeared in Dr. Suess), and that cute picture of Serach and Ezzie (which originally appeared on "Only Simchas") [no, this is not a plug for the serandez-weasel blog]...but for the life me I couldn't remember when I met Serach...or Ezzie for that matter.

Then I remembered.

It was a dark, cold and rainy night. Inky black pools of water filling the potholes New York. I was visiting the East Coast for a weekend in 2006, and was drawn towards Queens...

"Must Visit Ezzie...Must Visit Serach" a muppet-sounding voice echoed in my head.

And then, bounding up the stairs on that Motzei Shabbat to their home, I met them.

In person.

Needless to say, my life has never been the same since. The Jewish Geography stories which have resulted since meeting Ezzie and Serach are almost unbelievable...and the last one occurred, coincidentally, at a Simchat Beit HaShoeiva in the hills of the Shomron...during a shot of scotch, similar to the one that was preventing me from writing something coherent for this blog post.

Wishing Ezzie, Serach and kids a wonderful Shushan Purim Shaynee, and hoping to see you for lunch here in Jerusalem.

PS: And that goes for all the rest of the SerandEz gang as well!

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