Honesty and the Jewish Community

Honesty and the Jewish Community is a series about... well, honesty and the Jewish community. Both Serach and I have been affected tremendously by people in our lives, both honest and dishonest, and I feel their stories are important to share and discuss. I also have found mixed attitudes from the Jewish community in regards to how people view honesty and dishonesty, and I think that is something worth discussing as well. There is a bit more detail in the Why I'm Writing piece, but I believe as people read the series they will understand and appreciate what is being written and why, and relate very much to some of the ideas and stories that are being told - both positive and negative. I hope the series has a meaningful impact on how people view honesty and the actions of others - both those that hurt them and those that help them, with good intentions and with bad.

The entire series is available here (in reverse order), or you can click on the individual posts below.

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