Friday, December 19, 2008

This is bad.

Whatever your position is on the Rubashkins, guilty or not, the fact that they are denying Shlomo Rubashkin bail because he is Jewish is a HUGE problem.

From the WSJ:
The Justice Department is contending that a Jewish defendant in Iowa should be denied bail in part because he, like all Jews, is entitled to Israeli citizenship if he seeks to immigrate to the Jewish state.

The argument against the defendant, Sholom Rubashkin, could in theory apply to all Jewish criminal suspects. Mr. Rubashkin faces multiple charges related to the alleged hiring of illegal immigrants at a kosher meatpacking plant he formerly headed in Postville, Iowa.

So no Jewish defendant is ever going to be able to be released on bail, because the Law of Return in Israel makes him or her too much of a flight risk? What happened to surrendering a passport? And the U.S. and Israel do have an extradition treaty in place.

This is worrisome.