Monday, December 08, 2008

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 12/8

It should be an interesting week... car is in the shop getting fixed, Elianna is home with bronchitis, it's freezing today but should be 59 by Wednesday and back to snow on Friday (according to our superintendent, who just fixed our heaters), which sounds suspiciously like Cleveland, and a Carolina victory tonight will give me another win in my pool.

A few interesting reads for a cold Monday morning:
  • Scraps has a really good post on the advantages of going to a small shul.
  • Meryl notes the findings by the World Health Organization that Israeli kids are more stressed, then blasts their reasoning for why.
  • RafiG writes that R' Elyashiv and others have allowed people to take part in the new Israeli-government sponsored census, noting its usefulness. He also notes that the article (para. 5, in Hebrew) has an interesting paragraph that it was on the condition that the statistics not be reported to places such as the tax authority. That seems strange to him, and to myself...
  • It's an odd day when both R' Gil and BeyondBT have posts about Facebook. Gil also discusses his blog's policy on heretical discussion, which is pretty much a good guide in how to approach discussion about Judaism and the community in general, in my opinion.
Check it out.