Monday, December 01, 2008

Big Kids

As Kayla shifts from baby to... well, bigger baby (6 months this coming Friday), it gets pretty interesting. She just started on solid foods, switching into a high chair to eat (though she's a bit too short, so it's kind of funny to watch), and moving from a bassinet into a pack 'n play to sleep. Meanwhile, Elianna is getting more and more potty-trained and is just about ready to move into a bed (though she loves napping on the brown couch).

This morning, Elianna walked in and saw Kayla in the pack 'n play, which Serach had warned her against trying to go in because she might "break it". Elianna was wowed by Kayla sleeping in it, so she said:
"Ooooh, wow!! My cack and clay? [Nodding] Kayla, yeah, I'm sharing with you, yeah? Okay... but don't break it!!"
I wonder how she'll feel about it when Kayla moves into her room. Meanwhile, apparently Elianna's little leadership training last week was even funnier than we thought. She not only got up on the teacher's chair and started doing what the teacher does, she apparently got the entire class to join in renditions of "If you're happy and you know it" and other songs. Now at home she takes her toys, puts them in a circle, and leads them in everything from "Boker Tov to..." to reading them stories. It's really cute to watch. :)