Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Paging Kevin Bacon...

...Mr. Kevin Bacon - please report to the nearest Chareidi community in Israel...your services are needed pronto:

It would seem that the latest issue de jure destined to lead the People of the Book to the gates of the Hades in an easily held receptacle comprised of wicker are harmonic waves kept to various beats of a quickly repetitive nature.

In short, certain outspoken and 'decision making' individuals from within the Israeli Chareidi community have taken it upon themselves to respectfully disagree with the bandmates of that famed instrumentalist group AC/DC...yes, it seems that in their no so humble opinion "Rock & Roll IS noise pollution and Rock & Roll IS gonna die".

"Now take ahold of your soul…and he is testing us. Every, every day, our lord is testing us. If he wasn't testing would you account...for the sorry state of our society...for the crimes...that plague the big cities of this country...when he could sweep this pestilence from the face of the earth...with one mighty gesture of his hand? If our lord wasn't testing us, how would you account...for the proliferation these days...of this obscene rock and roll music...with its gospel of easy sexuality...and relaxed morality? If our lord wasn't testing us, why, he could take all...these pornographic books and albums...and turn them into one big fiery cinder like that!

But how would that make us stronger for him? One of these days, my lord is going to come to me...and ask me for an explanation...for the lives of each and every one of you. What am I going to tell him on that day?

That I was busy? That I was tired? That I was bored?

No! I can never let up! I welcome his test. I welcome this challenge from my that one day I can deliver all of you unto his hands. And when that day dawns...I don't want to have to do any explaining! I don't want to be missing...from your lives!

Praise the Lord in singing..."