Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's That Time Of Year time!! This will sound like more than it is, because some things are doubled up, but it seems I am in:
  • 3 fantasy leagues (free J-blogger league; league I run with my BIL; team I make with my BIL)
  • 3 suicide pools (2 entries each in two of them)
  • 1 weighted pool (the one I run)
  • 2 spread pools (one with a top game)
Not bad. Just for fun, here are my picks for Week 1 and my fantasy teams (all leagues basically same scoring style, standard, 6 pts. for all TDs, 25 yards for QBs - one has 2 WRs and a Flex, the others have 3 WRs each).

Suicide picks:
San Diego, San Diego, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Pittsburgh
Weights (highest to lowest; HOME):
For now: NE, IND, SD, PIT, NO, NYG, PHI, Sea, CLE, Cin, Jax, MIA, Min, Det, Arz, OAK
Spreads (best bet, HOME):
#1: NYG (-3.5), NO (-3.5), MIA (+2.5), Cin (-1.5), Det (-3.5), StL (+7.5), BUF (-.5), Jax (-2.5), NE (-16.5), PIT (-6.5), SD (-9.5), CLE (+5.5), Arz (-2.5), IND (-9.5), Min (+2.5), OAK (+2.5). MNF: 42 points.

#2: Was-NYG not counted. NO (-3.5), MIA (+2.5), Cin (+1.5), Det (-1.5), StL (+7.5), Sea (+.5), Jax (-3.5), NE (-14.5), Hou (+7.5), SD (-9.5), CLE (+3.5), Arz (-2.5), IND (-10.5), Min (+3.5), OAK (+1.5).

J-Blogger (drafted 3rd):
QB: P. Manning RB: Westbrook, Lewis
RB-WR: Gage WR: S. Moss, Stallworth
TE: Cooley DST: Chargers K: Folk
Bench: QB Anderson, RB Green, B. Jackson, WR S. Smith, Curtis, TE Davis, DST Seahawks
Own (drafted last):
QB: Hasselback RB: Barber, James
WR: Edwards, Boldin, Ocho Sinco
TE: Miller DST: Chargers K: Bironas
Bench: QB Rivers, Quinn*, RB Rhodes, WR Curtis, Gage, DST Seahawks
With BIL (drafted 7th):
QB: Hasselback RB: Addai, Graham
WR: Edwards, Harrison, Holmes
TE: Winslow DST: Seahawks K: K. Brown
Bench: QB Russell, RB S. Young, Watson, WR Gage, Reg. Williams
* The Quinn pick was for kicks, as he was Mr. Irrelevant (last pick of the draft). Also, not bad to have just in case Derek Anderson gets hurt in Week 1.