Saturday, September 13, 2008

Best Lines From Shabbos (and Pre- and Post-Shabbos)

  • [Friday afternoon. SJ, Erachet, and ReCuz are on the bus to Chez SerandEz. Young man in button-down shirt and slacks sits nearby. Bus reaches stop, all rise to exit the bus. Man rises as SJ does.]
    Man (inches away from SJ's face): Would you laugh if I asked you to go out with me?
    SJ: Yes! [Exeunt]
  • Bas~Melech, Serach, Pobody, Erachet, SJ, ReCuz (to Ezzie): Wow, that sheitel looks really good on you.
  • Erachet: It's calming. It looks like milk.
    SJ: So when I need to calm you down I should just pour you a glass of milk to look at?
    Erachet: No, only illustrated milk.
  • Elianna: Mummy! Crumpets!
  • Erachet (accusingly): Ezzie, I thought you were going to close your computer to save the battery.
    Ezzie: [stares at Erachet quizzically]
    Computer: {shut down music}
    Erachet: Oh.
  • [All playing Boggle]
    Erachet: Aww! There was almost such a cool word. I hate it when the board spells things wrong.