Friday, September 12, 2008

Old Like Me

Today is Serach's 25th birthday, which officially puts all the children and their spouses in each of our families above the quarter century mark. Somehow that seems to, in my mind, put the families into another generation, for lack of a better term. While obviously the next generation has started (almost 13 years ago on her side, a little over 8 on mine), it seemed like we were still in some ways the "kids" - we hadn't quite finished living out that part of our lives and joining the rest of them in that next part.

But for whatever reason, perhaps related to what's going on in our own lives here, this seems to be a bit of a change. We're both closer to 30 than we are to 20. Our focus is jobs, incomes, kids, our home. It's just... different, somehow. I ran into a high school classmate recently at a wedding, and someone else asked how we knew each other - we both said "We were roommates!" as if it was not that long ago, then both kind of paused for a second before I said, "Wow, it's been 11 years since then." Life has changed a lot for Serach and I, not just in 11 years, but in the past five. Or one.

We're older, and hopefully we're wiser and more mature as well.

Happy birthday, Serach!