Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A friend wrote this a while back, thinking about their prior engagement and how the feelings that had been so built up had faded in a matter of months once the relationship was no longer. They showed it to me this morning, and I thought it was interesting, so the friend said I could post it.
It's amazing that you can invest so much into a relationship, and give it all up in a matter of weeks, or days.

I always learned that love does not exist until after marriage. I believed what I had been taught, convinced that anyone who spoke otherwise was wrong. When I met "The One" I was nervous that the three powerful words would be spoken before they were meant. Shortly after the proposal I found myself using the unforgivable phrase myself. There was just nothing else to explain our feelings for one another. It was love.

And so I believed in US. I invested everything I had.

How one could forget all the tangible feelings and emotions that took months or years to build up in a matter of a few weeks is beyond me. Does it make a person "cold"? Perhaps it is simply G-d helping them out, making the search for "The Right One" easier and less painful...