Friday, August 03, 2007

iCry Over Cookies

Continuing with my apparent theme, I had an interesting conversation with my friend last night after she came back from a date. After speaking with her, I realized that we could not be farther apart on our approaches to dating and the related emotions. On one side of the extreme - there is my friend. She comes back from the second date and says that she had a good time...but she has no idea where it is gonna go. Obviously in our world of dating the guys have all the power and whatever they say, goes. So I asked her if she would be upset if it ended after two dates? And her response told me that she really wouldn't care if it was over because she had invested almost nothing in the person.

Me, on the other hand, I am the COMPLETE opposite. I become emotionally attached to just about everything. Of course I know that this is a terrible way to go through may not be healthy, etc. But this is who I am and I have learned how to live and deal with it. Not only that, I actually love being like this. I don't understand how people expect to connect to anyone if they don't give it everything they've got. And yes maybe you will get hurt, but I would rather be an emotional, passionate person sitting and crying locked up in a room for a week after a horrible break-up (don't worry, I never actually did that) than be someone who takes the opposite approach.