Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 8/29: Back

I miss doing these. When I was catching up on all the blogs I read over the last couple of days, skimming some, reading others, I was reminded of what I really enjoy about blogging. There are so many good writers, so many good discussions... when you read every day you sometimes take it for granted or get a bit too used to it; taking a step back was nice. I probably should have kept track of the posts I really liked and linked them (a few people noted as much), but my thinking was 'oh, these are "old" posts'. Of course, most really aren't time-sensitive, but I digress...

A few that I just enjoyed:
  • R' Ally discusses Crazy Is Normal in response to a student's question regarding a girl he's dating.
  • Wolf mentions an article about older singles in this week's Jewish Press and takes on the stupidity of some of them.
  • DryBones has a great comic, but more importantly sharp post about the soldier who was almost killed yesterday when he accidentally drove into Jenin.
  • IsraellyCool notes the astounding hypocrisy of the ISM regarding the incident.
  • Our(formerlyAir)Time makes me want to fly ElAl when we next go to Israel. Sweet.
  • Finally, R' Gil gives his impressions on the first editions of the YU Commentator and Observer, then takes on one editorial suggesting a change in the Yeshiva's learning curricula.
Enjoy! Personally, I read a few pieces in both of the YU publications and enjoyed most the article I discussed earlier [see below] along with a few others; and I agree with Gil on having a Rebbe the first couple of years of undergrad [which may surprise some who know me]. I do think that a course in Tanach might be beneficial to many, though, and I don't know that people could gain as much learning it on their own as Gil suggests.