Sunday, October 22, 2006

Winning & Losing

Football. Easily the best sport - whether to play, to watch, or to follow.

First, the bad news (for me, anyway): I'm getting trashed in my own pool once again. I'm currently last (of 20 people), and will likely finish in the bottom five this week. In the last survivor pool I was in, Jacksonville got crushed and knocked me out [...thereby proving my theory that you never want a road team in a survivor pool - from now on, I should listen to that and not "well, it's Jacksonville against the TEXANS!" Ugh]. I'm 2-6 vs. the spread on the week so far. The Browns are playing great D but blowing it on 3rd-and-1 all game and are losing 10-0 at the half. It's just been ugly.

But, the good news is that the real football game went pretty well. Though it was the first game and we made a few mistakes, we still easily ran over the Hitmen and won 33-15. One sometimes commenter on this blog led us with 3 TD's, and though it was still just 13-7 at the half we had a much easier time in the second half. We should have won by a lot more, but a couple of mental errors and a lot of missed flags cost us. None of us have played in this league before, but it seems well-organized, well-run, and should be fun. (Quite a bit of swearing on the other team, and one ref was a bit of a space-out - calling a TD for the other team when their WR caught the ball about 15 yards out the back of the endzone originally until the other ref was able to explain it to him - but otherwise nothing bad to say.)