Friday, October 27, 2006

In The Oval Office

Excellent editorial by Daniel Hellinger in today's Wall Street Journal. The interview with President Bush that he puts pieces of in the article are very telling and - in my opinion - Bush's statements are right on the mark.

An important question to me is - and has been - why the Republicans aren't making those same points across the board. I've seen some of them, but most of them are couched in political speech and other garbage. They're relying on people disliking the Democrats and what they want to do (or the fact that they aren't giving alternative options) instead of driving the message of what needs to be done for the sake of this country.

Perhaps this is why this other editorial (also in the Journal) sadly makes so much sense: Many conservatives think that the GOP needs to lose Congress (or at least the House) to be reminded of what they're in office for.

I'm hoping they'll remember on their own. I still do think the GOP will hold the Senate, and likely the House as well, but one point should be clear: It is better for the GOP to lose the House and remember what they are there for than to win it and keep thinking everything is okay. If the latter happens, a Democrat will almost certainly win in 2008 - and they'll take Congress then, too.