Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rating the Food

Working in midtown Manhattan has its perks... and drawbacks. Having a lot of Kosher restaurants nearby is both. (See previous post.) From a food standpoint, all the ones we've gone to so far (we being myself and some co-workers, including one person listed as a contributor below) are pretty solid and not too expensive. Here they are:
Fast favorite: Milk & Honey - good, reasonably priced milchigs (dairy), quick service. Plenty of choices of everything dairy. If you're into salad, you can get pretty much whatever you want in it without the price going up.

Easiest to mock: Circa - though it's a couple subway stops away, we all have unlimited MetroCards. It's basically the same thing as Milk & Honey, but slightly more expensive. There's more room to sit usually, and you get to make fun of all the jabbering Stern girls (or Stern-wannabes) whodon'tstoptalkinglongenoughtobreatheandfeelcompelledtotalkreallyloud. Geez. It IS fun to make fun of them, though. (The only time they get quiet: To talk about someone in the restaurant. Pretty funny/obvious.) (Sorry to all the Stern girls who read this. I don't mean any of you, of course... none of you were there when we went. :) )

Best weather: Ah, to not have to go outside... Mendy's is underneath a whole bunch of buildings in the city, including my own. It's good, solid deli. Nowhere to sit during mealtimes, even in the large eating areas nearby (unless you catch people leaving at juts the right moment!).

Best coffee: The Starbucks when you come into our building. Sweeeet. :)

Best speed: Kosher Deluxe. I've never waited more than a minute to get my food. Plus, it's cheap and somewhat filling. Milk & Honey and the back part of My Most Favorite Dessert Company are both pretty fast, too.
Basically, those are the places I've been to so far. I'm about to go to a birthday party at Mr. Broadway [which is why I'm blogging from my desk], which I don't know if I've been to since Serach & I were dating (good, though), and I'm sure I'll soon be at Cafe K, J-2 [or not, depending on how much I remember past experiences], order from Dougie's, go to Le Marais, and if someone else pays hit up Prime Grill or Wolf & Lamb. Until Serach kills me, anyway.

For all those in the city, drop me an e-mail if you'll be [or are] nearby. Until busy season hits at least, perhaps we can do lunch.