Monday, October 30, 2006

Extra Hours

Shoshana put up Haveil Havalim #91 - quite impressive, great stuff there. Check it out!

We're off to some more training today for part of the day - fun fun. I'll be sitting there unable to move after yesterday's football game, which we won 26-12 despite absolutely crazy winds. Our defense picked it up a bit after an early adjustment (and a couple of dropped interceptions) and ended up with three INT's, including one returned for a touchdown, and forcing a safety. This was despite missing two of six starters. The offense had a rough time because of the wind, as it was forced to keep everything short, but it picked it up in the second half to score three touchdowns.

We're 2-0, tied for first in the division - and of course, playing the other 2-0 division team next week. Big game...

And now, back to the fascinating discussion below.