Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 10/30: Top Ten Posts

I rarely have the time to do these anymore, but there were a number of great posts all over and I just felt they were great to point out to everybody, as you likely haven't seen all of them...
  • 10) The first one is actually not a great post per se but a great milestone: PsychoToddler recorded hit #100,000 today. So did A Simple Jew.
  • 9) Balaboosteh points out a cute, heart-warming site: Kids expressing their love for Israel in drawings.
  • 8) Hayom reminds us how we should portray gedolim (great Rabbinic leaders).
  • 7) I just realized I only have 9, so I'm skipping this one. :)
  • 6) TafkaPP has the comment of the day:
    Do you know- if it wasn't so funny how we Olim all try to out-Israeli-fy each other, it would actually be quite tragic. For where, indeed, does one draw the line?!
    Speak/work/live/breathe/dream only Hebrew? Avoid the homeland by not having Cable TV? Make your own Humus every morning and learn to recite the recipe in Arabic? Marry into an established IDF family? Live on a hill, farm goats and play an ancient Akkadian flute to them as they graze? The list goes on. But hey, however we "score", at least we make *ourselves* feel better that we are authentic Israelis by always having someone underneath us- namely, the constant stream of newbies!
Heh. Okay, now for the Top 5...