Friday, October 20, 2006

And On The 7th Day...

A few good links before Shabbos which I've wanted to put up... anyone else having blogger trouble today? There were a number of good posts and discussions on SerandEz this week, so please scroll down to check them out if you haven't yet, particularly Pobody's Nerfect's post below this.
Olah Chadasha put up Part IV of her series of videos on the recent war. It's amazing (and emotional). Check it - and the first three parts - out as soon as possible.

WestBankMama notes a great point from her rabbi:
He said that not only is it important to know that you can win a war, but that you have the right to do so. This knowledge is sorely lacking in some sectors of our our society.
PsychoToddler has a great post about hats and how people relate to one another up at DovBear. On a similar vein, Steve Brizel posts at BeyondBT about how the MO and Charedi worlds can learn to appreciate one another.

Nephtuli takes Dawkins to task.

And I miss this concert that Life-of-Rubin has clips of - it's always good year to year, and it seems to be getting even better.
Have a wonderful Shabbos! We're eating out, seeing as how we are currently living without a kitchen and master bedroom.