Friday, October 27, 2006

So Little Time...

I wanted to put up a whole bunch of posts, but between Blogger problems and my own going out I simply didn't have the time. A few quick notes:
  • The post before this was the 1,300th post on SerandEz. Wow.
  • I'm shocked that the Cards are up 3-1 in the World Series.
  • My camera is back from Canon - long story, but I have quite the moral dilemma now; so far, we're taking the probably overly nice route and losing money that we may not have to.
  • On a similar (oooh, related?) note, we're getting to keep a lot of rent money - but that's because we still don't have a kitchen (not to mention other problems). I hate Home Depot, who has spun a fabulous series of lies and promises... while putting on an incredible show of incompetence.
  • I've met a few more bloggers recently, with Irina the latest victim. So far, it seems like all the blawgers I know (lawyer/law student bloggers) are nice, blowing stereotypes out of the water.
  • I was finally able to attend TheShmuz. Solid. Need to go a few more times before I can write a good deal about it. Impressive crowd for an average Monday night in KGH - 50 people.
I had wanted to do a quick roundup, but that's not happening. One random blog note: I miss RenReb. (We hope all is well, and that you come back when is good for you...) I miss Orthomom, too, though she's not really missing, just a bit bogged down. On the flip side of those genres, Shifra and Ariella have been great lately and been posting a lot more often. Layla tov!