Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Rabbi's Daughter

The Rabbi's Daughter from בית ספר מעלה on Vimeo.

Fascinating video - it's almost a profile of a few daughters of famous Religious Zionist Rabbonim in Israel, who aren't religious/as religious as their parents, and how that impacts their lives. It's very emotional without trying to be, and just very interesting.


  1. It's interesting that you find this kind of rebellion in even the more moderate circles, showing that it is not only the Chassidic Jews in Boro Park who find tensions between tradition and the forces of today as per

  2. "rebellion"

    why use such a negative and loaded word? why cant an adult choose a path differnt from his or her parents? why is SO rebellious to want out of life something different than one's parents did? not everyone is made the same, ya know! not everyone has the same wants, desires, talents, mind, outlook....what do you want? everyone to be the same?

  3. Ariella - Agreed, and Brown's piece is also very interesting (though also a bit overly cynical at points which I thought took away).

  4. Very interesting and well done.

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