Sunday, July 01, 2012

A Plea For Help

Received via e-mail from a young woman who endured horrible sexual abuse, and has been working incredibly hard (and been reasonably successful) at overcoming the demons of her past while creating a successful life and future for herself. But successful therapy requires a lot of hard work - and paying the therapists and all the others who work so hard alongside the person.

What is it about psychotherapy that makes people turn their backs? Yes, I know there's no money for anything. And sure, I can throw myself to the mercy of a sliding scale fee clinic with no experience dealing with DID, just as I'm starting to make progress.

But seriously, we have a community organization for everything. Cancer? We have you covered-kids of courage, chai lifeline, RCCS. In prison? Nationwide campaigns to help you out. No money for food? Masbia, tomchei shabbos, oneg shabbos. Developmental delays? Hasc, Bais Ezra, otzar. Physical illness? Bikur cholim from every group, and then they take care of you with all the equipment you need-I'm losing track of names of organizations, but people will bring you hospital beds, commodes, rolling bedside tables, crutches, wheelchairs. You name it.

Have an out of the ordinary mental illness? They won't even return emails. I am nearly at the point of embarrassing myself and my family and standing on a street corner begging. At least beggars on the street get your loose change.

Please, if you're reading this, it means I trust you completely. Spread my story without my name. I can't deal with the guilt anymore. My father is writing out checks on pay checks he hasn't gotten yet for some of my treatment, part of my treatment team hasn't been paid since before my first hospitalization this year.

The address where people can send money (the story includes a wonderful, anonymous person who has agreed to have the therapy fund money mailed to his house so it can be funneled in the right direction):
Keren Zichron Gedalyahu
C/O M. Keller
566 East 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218


  1. So sorry that this young woman doesn't have the financial means to help herself. I am currently paying for my own therapy and sacrificing many many other expenses to be able to pay for my therapy so I can ultimately move on with my life. My heart breaks for her and I really hope she receives the financial funds she so desperately needs in order to live the life she truly deserves. Also - if she ever wants to start a peer support group for frum woman it would be much needed and utilized.

  2. BTW in addition, keep in miind that the various Bikur Cholim organizations have been known to help pay for the costs of therapy for people with issues a lot less severe than this. I suggest he contact them as well. For a list of names and phone numbers speak with frum therapists or those involved with therapy, they probably have a list.

  3. Anonymous-email me at, there is a peer support group available, depending if you fit the criteria.

    tfox2-Bikur Cholims will help with only 5 sessions or so, and then they think you should be able to manage. I have done my research, emailing and calling everyone under the sun-they all say the same thing...I can't help...but maybe try...