Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nice Guys... Nearing First?

While the adage goes "nice guys finish last", the Cleveland Indians are nearing first place in the AL Central. But a nice bonus as an Indians fan is that they are truly nice guys. In a really incredible story, utility infielder Jack Hannahan found out that his wife was going into a very premature labor - beginning of the third trimester. The Indians were playing in Boston at the time, and there were no night flights out of Logan Airport in Boston to Cleveland. The best the Indians' traveling secretary could find was a 6am flight which would definitely be too late, but at least he would be there soon after the birth. They looked into charter jets, but a charter jet would run $35,000 - no small sum even for a major league baseball player, especially a journeyman free agent to be who is 31 years old as Hannahan is.

That's where the rest of the Indians, led by stud Justin Masterson, stepped in:

But then Masterson came over and asked what was happening. He had a thought, and wasn't taking no for an answer.
Walters recounted the conversation:
"Book it," Masterson told Hannahan.
"I can't. It costs too much," Hannahan replied.
"Book it!" Masterson said.
Then Masterson passed a hat around the clubhouse. Teammates immediately contributed $35,000.
Hannahan took the private plane, arrived in Cleveland about 3 a.m. and reconnected with his wife just 15 minutes before John Joseph Hannahan V was born. Though he weighed just 2 pounds, 11 ounces at birth and hasn't come home from the NICU yet, baby reportedly is doing fine. As are mom and dad.
Read the whole story on Yahoo (via WFNY), and read and watch Hannahan talk about it on MLB (and see the other video on the page where the Tribe announcers tell over some more information as well). Such a classy story and team.

Go Tribe!


  1. Someone else with a last place team :) I feel your pain. Im a dodger fan.

  2. AMEN! I'm proud to root for this team in this awesome city! Now, to take on Detroit this weekend. shabbes is going to KILL me.

  3. These guy had 35 grand in CASH in the locker room?????

  4. Prof :)

    LWC - GO TRIBE!!

    Cymbaline - Figure 25 players, some injured players, staff, etc. - many of whom are millionaires - they could easily have $1-2K each in their wallets.