Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yeshiva Guy Says Over A Vort

I was not planning on posting this brilliant video by Krum as a Bagel, only because I hate putting up so many in a row, but I think just about everyone is linking to it on Facebook, so here it is in case you haven't seen it yet:

You know it's great when friends ask you on Shabbos if you've seen it yet and repeating all the lines from it.

Best lines:

(Friend's vote) "Did the Avos wear Crocs on Tisha B'Av?" "No - R' Elyashiv says Crocs are too comfortable. He wore Con-verse."

(My vote) "Did Yaakov [write a sefer Torah]?" "Of course." "So why didn't he just take his Sefer Torah and read it to find out that his son Yosef was alive and avoid all that heartache?"


  1. Hey Ez! I know you're no global warming fan, but I thought you might like this video anyway...

  2. The Avos kept what was applicable, obviously they did not give a get or burn an ir hanidachat as they did not need to.
    A torah scroll in not kosher unless it is complete, therefore they could not have written one.
    But why could they have not eaten matzot on the day designated for pesach?

  3. Someone who got curious after seeing this video the other dayNovember 21, 2010 at 10:29 PM

    Actually, some say a torah scroll is really shem Hashem, over and over, in all Its different forms, if you put the spaces in different places. Therefore, while the Avos did have a sefer Torah, they didn't not have the story of time the way we have it today, and could not tell the future from it.

    (Unfortunately, I'm not home to find out the exact source, so don't quote this anonymous commenter on it!)

  4. Noam - Why would they have? To commemorate an occasion which had not occurred yet?

    Someone - Why go to such an answer when there are much more logical ones available?

    To both of you, I'm mostly curious why there is a seeming desire to kvetch an answer to fit a specific view when it is far more logical to go with those Rishonim who don't feel they followed kol hatorah kulah?

  5. for the record who exactly says that the avos kept "taryag" mitzvos?

  6. AND DON'T KNOCK MY CHUCK TAYLOR' croc wearing sheep!

  7. Obviously the Avos kept those mitzvos which were applicable to them (while in E"Y, cause he did marry two sisters), and not those which came about through historical events later. He probably ate the gid hanasheh before his fight with the maalach.

    I think the point of the video was to show how when people say or write a vort on the parsha, they dont think whether it fits with p'shat and will find that there are too many holes for it to be true.

    Ezzie- the thing is that ChaZaL, not rishonim held they kept kol hatorah kulah, and in any case hashkafa like halacha has a procedure of whom to follow and whom to reject. Accepting a minority hashkafic opinion is similar to accepting a minority halachic opinion; both have been rejected by the majority.


  9. Ezzie
    You're assuming the mitzvot are rules. They're not. The Torah is not a rule book its a guide for living the mitzvot are inherently instilled in goodness, any pure soul would follow the Torah almost by instinct, (see in the akeida v;yishlach Avrohom et yado) The pre Torah, G-d fearing, people knew, with with out having to write a Torah. And would have implemented as much as possible.

  10. I will admit the clip would be cute if it didn't resort to mockery.
    My kid sister does that when she's losing an argument.

  11. Not to be the un'fun' one here (and that is a word), very interesting debate around the substance behind this video. If you ignore the politics, it gets to a very interesting debate in hashkafa.

    The "Right Wing" View - R Hoffman in 5TJT -

    The "Rationalist" View - R Slifkin -

  12. The Cross-Currents post is far and away the best of the bunch.