Wednesday, August 18, 2010

L'Shana HaBa (1992 HAC Version)

Hat tip: Buda. There are a few videos from this performance - this one is apropos, after seeing my sister, brother-in-law, three nieces and a nephew off to make aliyah today. This is from the 1992 Hebrew Academy of Cleveland boys choir (I don't see myself, and I can't remember if I was in it or not, but a large number of my classmates and people from the grades just above mine are). I believe Yudi S. is the videographer and the one who posted them to YouTube - thanks!

For everyone else - enjoy, and admit it - those glasses were Awesome.


  1. They're no Yeshiva Boys Choir, but very cute :)

  2. Wow...I recognize so many faces. Funny to see my cousin in the front row. I think I was in the choir only one year.

  3. Talk about an old video. Very nice acoustic version.

  4. Mark my words, those style glasses will come back in style -- at least as an ironic fashion statement! And if you've saved yours, you can sell it as "vintage."

  5. upon further review...

    Behold the high school graduating classes of '98 and '99.

  6. Dear G-d in heaven...just went to you tube and there are MORE of these.

  7. ::mumbles::
    stupid soloists...wouldn't have gotten it if his last name wasn't...

    (i could comment on these forever and not get bored:)

  8. SaraK - :)

    Shmuel - I never was in it, I believe. This stuff is hilarious though.

    JM - There were a lot of very musical guys.

    Ariella - Dear God, I hope not...!

    G - ...and '00 and '01. And LOL - so true...