Tuesday, July 06, 2010

1948 Israel - in Color

(Hat tip: Corner Point)

This is absolutely amazing. A wealthy American businessman in the 40s and 50s filmed everything that was happening in Israel - in color. The footage was just found in his attic.


  1. Wowie, and thanks for putting this up for viewing.

  2. They all keep marveling at the color, but I think that the really marvelous thing is that this man managed to be in all of the important places at just the right times. Kol Hakavod to this guy, he left an invaluable legacy behind.

  3. ProfK - Thank CP. Amazing.

    SR - Agreed; I actually marvel even more that he a) had the foresight to film all of this; b) that he put so much money and time and most of all, his own personal effort into it; and c) that he did it all with such clear happiness and excitement!

    Here's a rich, successful guy who could sit home peacefully - and yet, he's running around the world, spending all of his own money, just happy to be a part of it all and to record it for posterity. That's just amazing.

  4. Amazing... but how did they get so much footage of him WITH the camera? Who else was filming while he was filming?

  5. I actually was wondering that! :)