Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OU Marriage Satisfaction Survey Results

Hat tip: AnonD007

The Orthodox Union has published the results of its marriage satisfaction survey (discussed previously here). I haven't yet had a chance to read through it thoroughly, as I'm at work, but I'm sure it will be very interesting. The video is after the jump.


  1. video link is broken.
    What about the results of the economic survey?

  2. Ditto.
    Your loyal readers have never seen any results from your survey.
    Was there too small of a sample?

  3. I paused the JES primarily because I was busy with a new job and also to revamp a few things. There were hundreds of responses, thank God, and a lot more interest in furthering it; it was after discussing it with interested parties and with people who were assisting me that we decided the best approach was to change a few things. We hope to do this in the near future.

    You can see discussion of some of the results so far by clicking on the links on the blog.

  4. Wow, here I was all this time complaining about the FACT that OU and Big Kiruv supporting trajectories that make the baal teshuvah poor, and you were just making them "happy"!


  5. This scared me more than anything else. While the stats might be better compared to secular marriages (what was the point of this again?), all I see is the longer I'm married, the less happy I'll be.

    I've been married for 2 1/2 years and am B'"H very happy. What do I have to look forward to now? A steadily declining happiness rate? Less satisfaction with my husband? Help!

    What was this survey supposed to accomplish????

  6. Ariella - It reassures people that difficulties are normal, and more importantly, we can see what the stresses are: Particularly lack of communication and finances. The more people can work on those issues early the less likely they are to have trouble later.

  7. Ezzie- Very well put. I think the lesson is that now that you know- do something about it. Make sure it doesnt happen to you.