Thursday, June 09, 2005

Blogs, blogs, everywhere...

It's interesting to look at different blogs that are all over blogspot... People have some of the most interesting ideas for blogs. There are blogs by individuals such as myself that encompass everything from computer geeks dancing to politicians on the far left; from purported Darth Vader memoirs to one that I find incredibly powerful and interesting - a blog called PostSecret. Post Secret is a blog which enables people to send anonymous postcards of their innermost secrets - whether about something in their past, their present, or their future. The style used is to find a fitting postcard upon which the secret-teller writes, draws, or cuts words a short sentence that sums up their secret and how they feel. The postcards range from fears to insecurities to shame to happiness, and sometimes cover all of them at once. Many are common themes most people may feel; some are secrets that the majority of us can never comprehend. An excellent example: "I never told anyone... I believe God took my second child... because I killed my first. It was a girl. March 14th, 2003." Spend a few minutes, go look at the blog - you don't realize how many secrets you have until you've seen the secrets of others.

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