Wednesday, July 22, 2009

R' Kanievsky Refuses Bracha to Traffic Offender

This post on Jameel's is awesome: Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky was approached by a yeshiva student involved in a traffic violation for a blessing to be successful at trial, and he refused to do so. Excerpt:
R' Kanievsky: What is the trial about?

Student: I was caught driving without a license after I crashed into a wall

R' Kanievsky: So you're actually a murderer! Actually, they should put you in jail. That would be very good.

Student (yelling): Why? G-d forbid, I didn't kill anyone, and I didn't even hurt anyone. I just had a small car accident between myself and a wall.

R' Kanievsky: But you were driving without a driver's license, were you not?

Student: Yes

R' Kanievsky: So are you called a real killer. You could have had an accident involving people.

Student: But I know how to drive well. Besides this could hurt [my chances] for a shidduch and yeshiva [study]

R' Kanievsky: There is no such thing as "know" [how to drive]. Without a license you don't know how to drive. Regarding shidduchim, its smart not to want you, you're dangerous.
If I might add: *That* is gadlus.