Monday, July 13, 2009

Carlos & Gabby's Review

Carlos & Gabby's opened up in Kew Gardens Hills in Queens*, and since a countless number of friends had been hyping the one in the Five Towns, we decided to do takeout. We split the Honey BBQ Zingers, Serach got The Texas Wrangler, Elianna got a hot dog, and I got the Boneless BBQ Rib Platter.

The hot dog was good (I took a bite), Serach said the Wrangler was great, which many friends had said, the Zingers were excellent, and the BBQ ribs weren't amazing, but they were pretty good. Others have suggested the regular Zinger and the Cedarhurst sub as excellent choices.

Shortly afterward, iPay tells me she's picking up food from there (after saying how amazing it is), and then GS calls and asks if I could pick up for him and bring it over, since I'm watching the HR Derby at his apartment. We're going to count how many HRs go over the SpongeTech sign in right-center field for Rea, who loves that they're in just about every Major League stadium. Elianna is obsessed with the SpongeBob sponge, which makes baths a whole lot easier. Meanwhile, I'll snack on more C&G's. :)

* UPDATE: It's located on Main Street past Supersol, at 67-11 Main Street. The phone number is (718) 575-8226.