Wednesday, July 08, 2009

EZ Reads 7/8/9: Insomnia

This is why I hate going to sleep early: I wake up at 1:45am. On the other hand, it gave me time to read through a few hundred posts...
  • Baila has a wonderful story from Israel from a chance meeting in the supermarket.
  • SD has an interesting story from driving her sister and friends to the airport for their trip to Israel. I'd love to analyze the sad/funny attitudes of the other girls when it comes to materialism and the Jewish community, but there's just too much fodder there. I don't know how SD survived such a trip.
    It looked, surprisingly enough, like a phone. Friend2 turned it on, and MP and F1 squealed. "oooh! It says PRADA on the screen."
  • She also has an inspiring piece on how we view the world around us.
  • A very cool piece about a CIA spy from 1973... and his effect on the Netanyahu administration of today.
  • On The Main Line has a fantastic summary/review of R' Marc Angel's The Search Committee.
  • A great quote on Harry-er than them all:
    There was a Rebbe, who when the first time a train pulled into town, he went out with his Chassidim to see this novelty. He went to the train, and starting from the back, he touched each and every car till he came to the locomotive. Afterward, he turned to his Chassidim and said

    "There could be twenty cold cars, but if there is one warm one in front, they can all travel the distance"

    What have you done for Klal Yisrael today?
  • Another beautiful story, this time from Raizy, on how a 10-year old shows her love.
  • Stella D'oro closing down?! Say it ain't so! (This is why unions are bad... and stupid.)
  • Jewlicious has Matisyahu's One Day. While not a Matisyahu (or reggae) fan, this isn't bad.