Wednesday, May 20, 2009

EZ Reads 5/20/09: Curses

While readers of this blog are well aware of my negative feelings regarding the Obama presidency because of his stances on a variety of issues, some are aware that during the Presidential campaigns I argued that there will be little to no difference between the two parties when it comes to one very important issue (to the Jewish community) - Israel. I think that for the time being, at least, President Obama's meeting with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu shows that to be the case.
  • Save money on car insurance by taking a safe driving course - online. Not sure if this is wise or not by the State of New York, but I'll take advantage.
  • G6's son will be on Millionaire today and tomorrow!
  • The Cavs are on the cover of Sports Illustrated. {cringe}
  • A beautiful shot of MOChassid worth well more than 1,000 words. Congratulations!!
  • ProfK sums up what kills me about the kashrus world: Politics. What's sad is that at some point, it's clear that so many people are relying on "what they heard" about an organization, which makes it seem that the kashrus of an item is more dependent on which side got negative word out faster than the other.
  • Adventures in Chinuch with a good post about accusations of psychological abuse in education - and how they're not something that should just be thrown around. There's a difference between a personality clash or ineffective teaching with some students and abuse.
  • I'd rather be dominant than exciting if I'm the Cavs.
  • (Hat tip: JA) Great discussion on LeBron and Kobe.
  • Speaking of them, here's their second muppet commercial.