Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fear The Magic Picture Window!!!...

...lest it corrupt and extinguish your soul leaving a dark empty place only to be inhabited by the evil forces...

From The Wolf via

...or, 'ya know, not...

Dearest Mommy and Abba,

Just wanted to thank you for the iPod touch you got me for my birthday. It’s the coolest thing! Seriously. I use it all the time to listen to the latest Jewish songs! You would like totally smile if you knew. Anyway, OMG! It’s like the greatest thing ever. And the internet is WAY fast. It only takes me a few seconds to download the BEST shiurim and divrei Torah imaginable. I can literally learn about any Torah topic I want. Bet you had no idea when you bought it. What a bonus, cuz, you know, I was just a regular 7th grader full of potential, and now I have a way to tap into it. You have high hopes for me I’m sure – this just helps. I really care about learning – along with everything else - and I’ll probably be the most educated student in school pretty soon. Thanks for trusting me. You rule!

Love, Yosef

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