Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Extreme Caution: Slippery Slope Ahead...

...The "Hitler Cake" children have been removed from their parents' home.

Hard as it may be to do but looking at this from an objective point of view this would seem to be quite a bold, and in my opinion frightening, step to have been taken. So long as they are not doing any obvious harm to the children what right does anybody have to decide the appropriate manner of child rearing for another's family.

Don't shrug this off - does it take too much imagination to create a rationale for this type of action related to...oh, I don't know...some of the aspects inherent to an orthodox jewish life?

New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services removes Adolf Hitler
Campbell, sisters from parents' home

Authorities removed Adolf Hilter Campbell and his sisters from their parents' Hunterdon County home, Holland Township police chief David Van Gilson said Tuesday.

New Jersey's Division of Youth and Family Services took the 3-year-old as well as JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 1, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, who turns 1 in April, the chief said.

Van Gilson said he didn't know why the children were taken or who had custody. He said his department received no reports of abuse or negligence.

The children's father, Heath Campbell, reached Tuesday evening at a relative's home, first declined comment and later said the children were not removed.

The Division of Youth and Family Services would not confirm or deny the report.

A spokeswoman said the division doesn't comment on specific families.
The Campbell family gained worldwide attention after a Dec. 14 story in The Express-Times about the children's names and a Warren County supermarket's refusal to write Adolf Hitler on a birthday cake.

Heath Campbell, who's previously said he picked the names to honor German ancestry and because they are unique, has reported receiving threats after the story was published.

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