Thursday, January 29, 2009

Economics & Politics

I've been under the weather all week, so excuse the lack of real content...

For the dozen or so people besides me that read this blog and actually care about such things, here are some sharp pieces on the economy and political landscape:
  • Rush Limbaugh pens a rather funny but quite intriguing alternative, offering President Obama a compromise: The Obama-Limbaugh Stimulus Plan 2009.
  • A WSJ editorial notes that barely $100 billion of the nearly $1 trillion in spending suggested by Obama has even a likelihood of stimulating the economy; the rest is a 40-year wish list for Democratic Party supporters. Quite mind-boggling to see where the money is going, when all you hear about in the news is the $30 billion for bridges and highways.
  • Dick Morris argues that Obama will have moved us toward socialism - even if he's voted out in 2012 - in irreversible ways.
  • An interesting (and eye-opening) take on the Bush economy - what was good and what mistakes were made.
  • A fascinating Q&A with a former White House economist on Freakonomics, with this piece the most important one to me (as we see it in areas besides economics):
    Q: What are some of the most absurd economic assumptions Washington politicians are guilty of making, and that you’ve had to “advise” against in your position?

    A: That’s a fantastic question, and it gets at a nefarious tactic by some advocates: they try to skew the “baseline” assumptions to make their proposed policy changes look more reasonable.
    Read it all, it's very telling.