Friday, January 16, 2009

Apocalypse Arriving Sunday @ 6:30pm EST...

...just thought you might want to know.


The Baltimore Goon Squad versus The Pittsburgh Spawn of Satan

The dark clouds marking the end of days gather on the approaching horizon. The time has arrived when there is no force for good left to fight for all that is right in this world. Only the forces of darkness are left to do battle, there is no more chance for a winner as regardless of the out come we are all to lose in this contest. These are the times prophesized, the times that we read about in long forgotten books that lie long forgotten on the bookshelves of history. We choose not learn of these times as they are too horrible to imagine, too terrible to contemplate. Alas, we now must pay a great penance for this act of self delusionment as the reality of those times are upon us. Woe unto us that we are the people who have allowed such calamity to take place, that we have not done enough to prevent such a confluence of evil to meet and propagate its ideals on an unsuspecting and unprepared public. It is too late now to do anything about it, this I know...and this I lament greatly. There can be no chance now for salvation - only misery awaits us all.

But I shall not type here and simply allow this to pass without at least making it known to one and all what we are witnessing. Do not be fooled by the spin doctors and soothsayers who would have you believe that all is well and life will go on as before. That next week nothing will change and all will be as it was. HERETICS ALL OF THEM! BLASPHEMERS! Know well that the result can only be that of doom. So stand tall and proclaim with me the valiant cry of a great man who also stood alone before a group of a the damned and the dirty who wished to suppress the right and the good from this world. Call out his cry of defiance...even if it may do no good...even if the future has already been foretold...even if the outcome is one that has no chance of being positive...CALL OUT!:

"Damn them...damn them all to Hell" - may G-d have mercy on us all
::sigh::...yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of...

*bitter? i'm not bitter