Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Come and Get It!

The USA hasn't been this nuts about their leader since JFK. Is it the height, looks, and full head of hair? The eloquence? Or a sudden national belief in the massiah? Who knows. But if you're not producing Obama memorabilia to cash in on the craze, you're waaay behind the times. But if you're not - consider buying some. One must support American business, you know.

Barack Obama and Spiderman - together they can save the world.

With the President at your wrist, you'll never be late... if you can tear your gaze away from his mug, of course.

Elections are over, but so what? Obama is the Miley Cyrus of grown-ups. Show everyone you're a fan. Hope t-shirts still available curbside, NYC.
But why stop at something as typical as a shirt? Match your top to your footwear with lovely Obama sandals.

Our new president has a gift for inspiring people. Get through your year with 12 images of Barack H. Obama looking visionary, accompanied by his words of wisdom on a beautiful wall calendar.

He's already married, but that doesn't mean he's not in the freezer. Baracky Road? Or some Yes, Pecan?

Want a Barack in every room? Don't stop short of the bathroom. Make sure to purchase a bust of the president carved in soap for your shower, and a roll of Obama for your toilet. Ah, the audacity of soap...And with that, I'd like to welcome our 44th president to his new post, and wish him luck in the next four years. He'll need it, to escape the fans who may want to mount his head on their wall as a souvineir.