Sunday, January 04, 2009

Best Lines From A Short Shabbos

Ezzie: It's boiling in here!
Erachet: No, it's fine.
Ezzie: When it's fine for everyone else...
Erachet:'s boiling for you.
Ezzie: {opens shade}
Erachet: Hmm, that actually does feel better.
Ezzie: [Pauses, stares at Erachet] ...I didn't even open the window yet.
Erachet: [Horrified] But...! It really feels cooler! ...!

Elianna to Erachet: You're so cute!
Erachet to Elianna: No, you're so cute!
(this continues for a bit)
Elianna to Erachet (who is anything but): You're so chubby!!

Ezzie: Life is just one big snack.

Serach, CK, BK to Erachet: I love your shoes!!
Serach: ...I'm going to cut them up!