Friday, July 18, 2008

What Happens When I'm Alone In The Kitchen

My mother told me to make two simple things for Shabbos. Pasta and this cranberry/apple/mandarin orange thing (you kind of just put them all in a bowl and mix them together - er, but not with the pasta). Sounds simple enough, right? Pasta I know how to make, of course, since it's only my favorite food. The other thing really is easy, but count on me to mess it up. Well, okay, I guess it's not really messed up, but in order to make it, you have to first grate an apple. And before you grate the apple, you have to peel it. Peeling apples is very tricky - at least, for me. I don't know how to peel anything with a knife because I just know that would end up in slicing off my finger. So I used a peeler. Safe enough, right?



Peel, peel, peel, peel, over the garbage can, peel, peel, peel, peel, OUCH.

I peeled a little bit too far and that could almost have been very painful and bloody.

So after getting over the shock of peeling off part of my finger (well, the nail, mostly, but it could have been so much worse!), I decided, shakily, to try again. Except at that point I was too tentative to actually peel anything.

I stared at the apple, wondering what to do. Most of it wasn't peeled yet but I was just too afraid to peel any more. Should I grate it with the peel on? Hmmm...

"You know what?" I thought to myself. I opened the cranberry gel stuff and the mandarin oranges and mixed them together. They looked good enough to me.

Then I ate the apple.

I'm sure no one'll notice, right?