Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well Waddaya Know XVII

Last week's question and answer:
Max needs to perform two tasks: Juggling 7 balls and reading the Dick & Jane primer out loud. Will he perform better with an audience or worse?
Both better
1 (3%)
Both worse
6 (19%)
Equally well for both
0 (0%)
Juggling better, reading worse
13 (41%)
Juggling worse, reading better
11 (35

Shragi says: Simple tasks are done better with an audience and complex tasks are performed less well with an audience. Therefore the juggling will be worse and the reading better.

[Ezzie: I thought the opposite - simple tasks, under pressure, you'll fumble because you are thinking too much about them. Harder tasks you are forced to focus on and tune out the audience. Interesting.]

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