Sunday, July 27, 2008

Accountant Poetry: Surprise For Real This Time

A joint-effort birthday poem by Erachet and Special Ed.

We like Ezzie 'cause he's fun
And he's friends with everyone.
He has so many friends, in fact
That peace and quiet he may lack.
On gchat's where he spends his days
To Ser's chagrin, but still he stays.
SerandEz is where it's at -
Either the blog or else their Flat.
Fantasy baseball and blogs all day
He hates NY but his friends make him stay.
Youtube videos - America's Best Dance Crew,
Britain's Got Talent - what ELSE is there to do?
It's not great to be lazy and fat
But when Ezzie's around that's where it's at.
Ezzie and Garfield are one and the same
As proven by Raggedy Andy's bandaid - it's such a fun game! :D :D
Ezzie has so many friends, we're not the only ones
So we wish him the greatest birthday, but anyone else can add on!
Being friends with Ezzie is a not-so-elite membership...
Now leave a rhyming comment to explain your friendship!

(We wanted to get you this cake but we didn't want to give away the secret location of the Blogfather so we ate it instead. We're sorry there isn't any left to share. It was yummy.)