Thursday, July 03, 2008

Speak English! (or pick one)

I was at a wedding recently, and the person announcing the kibudim under the chuppah (i.e., who would be mesader kiddushin, read the ketubah, read each bracha, etc) was speaking a rather interesting mixture of Yiddish, Hebrew and English. For exammple, before saying who would read the first bracha, he said, "For the firsteh bracha . . ."

I ask you, WHAT is THAT. If you are going to speak Hebrew, don't do a halfway job and fall back on your Yiddish-ish rendition of the numbers. If you are going to speak Yiddish, then go all the way. Sheesh.

Although that doesn't compare with THIS little gem:

"Reb Yadda Yadda Yadda, zeideh from the chosson."

Okay. "Zeideh" I understand. That means grandfather. "Chosson" I understand. That means groom. But "from the chosson"? What the heck is that? From the chosson's WHAT? (Let's not get rude.) From his side of the family? SO SAY IT! Or say, "the chosson's zeideh." Or whatever he calls his grandfather.

Bahhhh. When did yeshivish become a grammatically acceptable language?